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Kiwi Speak (Colloquialisms)
This is kiwi speak, our slang, our way of talking. Some of it's uniquely New Zealand, and some is more a mix of international adaption with an original home grown twist. Click through alphabetically or go page by page to view all of entries we have. If you know one that's not listed, suggest it to us and we'll consider adding it in!

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Sayings & Meanings
Yank: State sider/American. - Contributed by Juliette
Yeah Nah: This can be VERY confusing for non Kiwi's. It generally means "I agree with you, that it isn't..." i.e. 'Australian's can't play rugby aye?' 'Yeah nah, they're USELESS'. - Contributed by Darren Harrison
Yonks: A long time, eg. I have been waiting here for yonks. - Contributed by Lorraine M
You ain't wrong: Another way of saying "That's right", or "Yes".
You couldn't ram a piece of straw up his arse with a sledgehammer.: See "as tight as a fishes arse". - Contributed by Masina