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Kiwi Speak (Colloquialisms)
This is kiwi speak, our slang, our way of talking. Some of it's uniquely New Zealand, and some is more a mix of international adaption with an original home grown twist. Click through alphabetically or go page by page to view all of entries we have. If you know one that's not listed, suggest it to us and we'll consider adding it in!

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Sayings & Meanings
Taa: Thanks. ie. if someone passed you something you'd say "Taa". - Contributed by Juliette
Tangi: A maori word which means funeral ceremony.
Tangiweto: Used to describe that child who ruins the fun by always crying. - Contributed by Mandy
Taranaki Gate: A makeshift gate made from wire and battens.
Technicolour Yawn: Vomit or the act of vomiting. If you drank too much at a party and vomited, you'd say you had a technicolour yawn.
That'll do: That's enough; you can stop now. (Oten used by farmers when working their dogs) - Contributed by Barb Sutton
Thick as pig shit: Someone who is stupid. Or someone with a low level of intelligence.
Three planks short of a bridge.: Three planks were sometimes used years ago, to get a small cart across a ditch, creek or river, and even though ONLY two were really needed (for the cart wheels themselves), the third was always placed first with the other two being easily placed either side, (the first being the one you stood on whilst you placed the other two "spaced just right" (for the cart's wheelset), and then it was also used for the horse to walk on, to pull the cart across. Anyone SHORT of three planks couldn't figure out HOW to get both the horse AND the cart across the ditch, creek or river. Thus they also probably couldn't figure anything ELSE out either. (not just about how to get a "horse & cart" across a ditch etc.). Thus someone that's "three planks short of a bridge", is someone that's "likely" to be pretty dense, as they obviously can't figure out anything, let alone a simple method of getting ANYTHING across (or past) an easily fixed problem. - Contributed by QUIX4U
Tinnie: A small amount of marijuana wrapped in aluminium foil. Usual retail; NZ$20 (apparently). - Contributed by Frank Macskasy
Tinnie House: A (usually) residental house, secretly selling marijuana and other drugs. Often rented for this sole purpose. - Contributed by Frank Macskasy
Toe rag: Disgusting, stupid or vile person. - Contributed by StewR
Togs: Swimmers, bathers, a bathing suit, or bikini. - Contributed by Hannah Tobin
Tomato Sauce: Ketchup. - Contributed by Juliette
Tough Bickies: When someone is complaining about something that can't be changed someone might say to them 'Tough bickies', meaning to get over it. - Contributed by Hannah Tobin
Townie: Person living in a town or city, as opposed to a rural lifestyle. Eg; "He's a townie". - Contributed by Frank Macskasy
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