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Kiwi Speak (Colloquialisms)
This is kiwi speak, our slang, our way of talking. Some of it's uniquely New Zealand, and some is more a mix of international adaption with an original home grown twist. Click through alphabetically or go page by page to view all of entries we have. If you know one that's not listed, suggest it to us and we'll consider adding it in!

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Sayings & Meanings
Session: The act of being out drinking. You'd go out with your mates to the pub for a session.
shark'n'tatties: Fish and chips. - Contributed by Frank Macskasy
She'll be right!: Common expression for it (something) will be all right. Will work all right, wull turn out all right. Usually when a quick unprofessional job has been done. Expression often followed by the word 'Mate'. - Contributed by Peter Guy
Sheep: 1. Referring to a New Zealander. 2. The animal. - Contributed by Lacey
Sheila: Noun: Girl or Woman. Usually an Aussie term. (Probably stole it from us.) - Contributed by Frank Macskasy
Shifty: Not right, strange, un-trustworthy. (That bloke is a bit shifty.) - Contributed by Juliette
Shout: An act of buying everyone a round of drinks at a bar/pub. Usually taken in turn. Eg; "It's Joe's shout." - Contributed by Frank Macskasy
Silly as a two bob watch.: Something of very doubtful integrity. Alternatively, someone of very doubtful sobriety. - Contributed by StewR
Skite: Showing off or flaunting one's achievements. Eg; "Just cos he won the race, he's skiting about it". - Contributed by Frank Macskasy
Smoko: Taking a break. Presumably came about when a lot of people smoked, thus: take a break and have a smoke. - Contributed by Barb Sutton
Sprog: Child, particularly a very young child. - Contributed by Stew
Squiz: Have a look at, as in, "let me have a squiz at that". - Contributed by Joy
Stubbie: Small bottle of beer. - Contributed by Juliette
Suss: To figure out.
Suss: Dodgy - Contributed by Simon