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Kiwi Speak (Colloquialisms)
This is kiwi speak, our slang, our way of talking. Some of it's uniquely New Zealand, and some is more a mix of international adaption with an original home grown twist. Click through alphabetically or go page by page to view all of entries we have. If you know one that's not listed, suggest it to us and we'll consider adding it in!

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Sayings & Meanings
Half G: A half gallon glass jar (bottle) used for taking home draft beer. Very common prior to the 1980s. - Contributed by Peter Guy
Hard Case: Someone who is fun to be with, often comical, a bit of a battler. Generally used in a positive way. - Contributed by Peter Guy
Have a mental: To get mad or throw a fit/tantrum. - Contributed by Juliette
He/she has more cheek than a fat man's arse: A person who blatantly does something that is not appreciated (i.e. steals or takes the credit etc.) - Contributed by Masina
He/She thinks his/her shit doesn't stink.: He or she thinks they are a cut above everyone else. - Contributed by Alan
Heaps: Lots of. ie. I have heaps of marbles. - Contributed by Juliette
Hoha: A person is getting tired or pissed off (said whore-haa). - Contributed by Alan
Hokey Pokey: A gold coloured candy. A favourite New Zealand ice-cream flavour.
Hoon: A turn or try with something belonging to someone else. Eg 'Gizz a hoon on your missus, bro.' - Contributed by Disco
Hori: An offensive word referring to a Maori person. Also used when referring to something as being of bad quality, or quickly put together eg. That was a hori job.
Hottie: A hot water bottle.
Housie: Bingo. - Contributed by Juliette
Hunky dory: Everything's fine.