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Kiwi Speak (Colloquialisms)
This is kiwi speak, our slang, our way of talking. Some of it's uniquely New Zealand, and some is more a mix of international adaption with an original home grown twist. Click through alphabetically or go page by page to view all of entries we have. If you know one that's not listed, suggest it to us and we'll consider adding it in!

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Sayings & Meanings
(White) Maggot: Offensive term refering to a caucasian person. - Contributed by Alan
A few logs short of a barbie: A wee bit crazy. - Contributed by Juliette
Aftermatch Function: A social event that usually takes place after a sporting event.
Air Poo: A fart. - Contributed by Sarah
Ana!: Basically saying "told you so!" or essentially telling someone they got their comeuppence. - Contributed by Mandy
Anklebiter: A small child.
Arse: A rear end, bum or backside.
Arse about face: Back to front. - Contributed by StewR
As Rare as Rocking-Horse Shit: Fairly self explainatory this one.
As tight as a fishes arse.: A person who clings to their money and rarely shares with others. - Contributed by Masina
Aussie: An Australian. Usually our mates - when they're not stealing our celebrities and claiming them as their own. - Contributed by Frank Macskasy
Away Laughing: To do something with no problems. For example, if a rugby player got past the last tackler they'd be away laughing.
Away with the fairies: In a day dream. Someone whose attention is somewhere else would be away with the fairies.
Bach: A holiday home.
Ballbag: A man's scrotum. Also a mild term of abuse or alternatively, endearment. - Contributed by Stew
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