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An Essential Guide to New Zealand For Anyone Travelling Down Under
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New Zealand
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General Info
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An Essential Guide to New Zealand For Anyone Travelling Down Under

Water Supply
The majority of New Zealand cities and towns have excellent public water supplies, making tap water fresh and safe to drink.

Petrol (Gasoline)
The average price of petrol in New Zealand is around one dollar sixty cents per litre. Diesel is priced around one dollar and five cents per litre. Petrol stations are located throughout the country, often coupled with convenient refreshment facilities as part of their extended service.

Electricity is supplied throughout New Zealand at 230 volts, 50Hz. Most power sockets in New Zealand accept flat three-pin plugs or similar adaptors. Equipment designed for different voltage would require a transformer although many hotels provide 100 volt AC sockets (rated at 20 watts) for electric razors only.

Postal Services & Mail
Post offices are generally open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, offering a variety of ways to send mail locally and internationally. Some smaller shops also offer a limited service. Courier services are also available from a number of companies for those requiring a higher priority. For more information on New Zealand's postal service, including costs of local and international delivery, visit the link below.

- New Zealand Post

Most of the major international fast food chains operate in New Zealand. The smaller, more remote towns usually have at least one or two food outlets in the form of a cafe or dairy. Be sure to try a 'hangi' while you're here - it's a traditional way the Maori people once cooked their food (and it's delicious!).