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An Essential Guide to New Zealand For Anyone Travelling Down Under
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New Zealand
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General Info
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An Essential Guide to New Zealand For Anyone Travelling Down Under

Medical Services / Insurance
Like when travelling anywhere abroad, we strongly recommend you take out medial insurance before travelling to New Zealand, as most visitors are not entitled to publically funded health services unless;

- They are a resident or citizen of Australia
- They are a national of the United Kingdom in New Zealand
- They hold a temporary permit valid for 2+ years

If you don't fit into one of these categories, and you don't have medical insurance, you or your sponsor may be liable for the full costs of your treatment. There are a range of public and private medical and hospital facilities available which provide a high standard of service, comparable with anywhere else in the world.

Chemists (drugstores/pharmacies)
Chemists are open during normal business hours. Late night or emergency chemists can be found by looking in the local telephone directory of the area that you are in.

Poisonous Animals / Allergies
One of the best things about New Zealand is that there are no snakes or poisonous creatures here, with the exception of the very rare Katipo spider. If you suffer from hay fever or allergies though, do bring any appropriate medicines as there's a lot of pollens, seeds and dust around.

Insect Repellant
If you plan on spending lot of time outside, buy some insect repellant when you arrive! You may find sand flies if you visit a beach, and they're also a well known resident in the Fiordland region all through the year - they like to bite. Insect repellant's a must if you plan on doing any bush walking or tramping while you're here.

Sun Screen
We'd advise you to purchase sun screen when you arrive too. Burn times in New Zealand are around 11-14 minutes on a summer day, and that's with or without clouds! Sun screen (and insect repellant) can be purchased at most local convenience stores, supermarkets, chemists and gas stations.